Name Amal Musa Mohamed Nour
Degrees دكتوراة
Department college Languages and Translation
Courses and training
A training Course on automatic correction of objective tests
Basic Course on Educational preparation 5/7/2005 7/8/2005
Basic Course on Educational preparation- Quality Control August 2009
Workshops,(excellence and distinction, strategy, syllabus preparation, gauging and rectification)
Training course on:-Leading and adminstrative skills development 26 March 2013 28 March 2013

Scientific papers published
Art of composition concerning Ibn Zaydoon's – letter (N) rhyme poem June 2013
At the (Mihrab) of the language 1434- 2013

Scientific conferences
Symposium on: Syntax problems Arabic Language Academy 12/11/2009
Asymposium on Arabicization held by the higher association for Arabicization 22-23/12/2009
Seminar on: Children Literature and its role in Education 8/4/2010
Islamic Archeologies in Sudan-Arabic Language 16/12/2010
Co-ordination meeting between the Ministry of Education and the Arabic Language Academy 18/1/2011
Asurvey on (Saheh Al-Bokhari book) Arabic Language Academy 27/3/2011
Sudanese Poetry on the platform of the history 16/6/2011
Methods of Arabic Language Teaching (Public Education) 19/7/2012.
Avisit to Ablla's area-Arabic Language Academy 18/10/2012
Arabic Language at the field of Translation and Arabicization-Sharqua hall 9/1/2013
Awork shop on Languages engineering- University of Sudan 15/1/2013
Arabic Language and others- Arabic Language Academy 4/3/2013
-Islamic Literature (Concept and Term) 6/5/2013
Attending a gathering handles with the role of Education and Information in realizing Arabic language Security. Saudi Arabia 9-11 September 2014
Attending a discussion gathering on: Using Arabic language in teaching the higher Education Syllabus in Sudan held by the higher association for Arabicization 24\12\2014
Attending seminar on: the role of the Arabic Language Academy to serve the Arabic Language, held by the Faculty of Languages and Translation 14\Jan\2015

License of Arts in Arabic Language University of Cairo- Khartoum 1985
Honors Degree Equivalence University of Khartoum- Second Class Upper 1988/1989
M.A In Arabic Language Faculty of Arts- U of K. November 1993
Ph.D. in Arabic Language Faculty of Arts- U of K August 2000

Practical experiences
Part time teacher Alshuhadaa higher secondary school- Arbic Language teaching for all classes 1989 1994
Part time lecturer Institution of Additional Studies- University of Khartoum 1994 1995
Part time lecturer University of Al Neelain 1994 1995
Lecturer University of Al Neelain April 1996 December 1997
Lecturer Kharg Faculty of Education Saudi Arabia 15/12/1997 13/6/2004
Lecturer (part time) Al-Imam El Mahadi University August 2004 30/Abril 2005
Assistant Professor The National Ribat University since 1/May/2005 17/8/2013
Associate Professor The National Ribat University since 18/8/2013 to date
Head department of Arabic Language Faculty of Languages and Translation, Ribat University 19/October/2008 17/2/2013
Acting Dean Faculty of Languages &Translation 18/2/2013 3/12/2013
Dean Faculty of Languages &Translation 4/12/2013 up-to date